Security Operation Command Room Manager

Jeddah , Saudi Arabia Posted 2024/06/09 15:34:33 Expires 2024-08-08 Ref: JB1100049147

Job Description

Job Purpose

To oversee and manage the Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) system effectively to ensure the security and safety of the stores, employees, and customers. Controlling & Monitoring activities throughout the organization, including retail areas, storage areas, and working areas to prevent theft & vandalism.

Functional Responsibilities:



  • Maintaining and troubleshooting the CCTV system: This includes ensuring all cameras are operational, recordings are functioning properly, and the system is up to date with security patches and software updates.



  • Managing access control: Granting and revoking access to CCTV footage based on authorization levels and adhering to data privacy regulations.



  • Conducting regular system audits and inspections: Verifying the system's effectiveness and identifying any potential vulnerabilities or areas for improvement



  • Monitoring live camera feeds: Identifying suspicious activity and taking appropriate action, such as notifying security personnel or law enforcement.



  • Investigating incidents: Reviewing recorded footage to identify individuals involved in theft, vandalism, or other criminal activity, and providing evidence to law enforcement as needed.



  • Developing and implementing loss prevention strategies: Using CCTV footage to analyze theft patterns and trends and recommending measures to deter shoplifting and other losses.





  • Ensuring compliance with relevant data privacy regulations:Implementing procedures for data retention, access control, and secure disposal of footage.



  • Generating reports:Summarizing security incidents, system performance data, and access control logs for management review.



  • Collaborating with loss prevention teams and law enforcement:Providing LP & Law enforcement teams with relevant CCTV footage and information to assist in investigations.



  • Training staff on CCTV procedures:Educating employees on how to use the system effectively and report suspicious activity.



  • Staying informed about emerging security threats and technologies:Regularly researching and evaluating new solutions to enhance the CCTV system's effectiveness.



  • Budgeting and resource management:Overseeing the budget allocated for CCTV maintenance, upgrades, and training.



  • Inspection survey & Evaluation of Equipment's’ functionality: To ensure that on duty control room an inspection survey in all shifts to evaluate equipment’s functionality, Immediate report issuance subjected to maintenance of equipment's.






  • Bachelor’s Degree in relevant field is required


Experience & Competencies


  • Minimum 5 years of relevant practical experience in managing and maintaining technical operations of Security & Surveillance Equipment’s with along with following competencies.



  • Identifying and reporting suspicious activity



  • Writing incident reports



  • Control Room Surveillance Operations



  • Managing CCTV budgets and resources



  • Training and supervising CCTV operators



  • Staying up to date on CCTV technology and best practices





  • Problem Solving



  • Attention to details.



  • Communication and interpersonal skills



  • Strong Observation skills



  • Decision Making



  • Knowledge of relevant laws & regulations



  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills



  • Technical knowledge of CCTV Systems.
  • Microsoft Office

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Job Location Jeddah , Saudi Arabia
Job Role Support Functions
Employment Type Employee
Number of Vacancies 1

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Career Level Mid Career

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