About Panda

From a small store in Riyadh, Panda has become the largest retailer in Saudi Arabia.

Panda was founded in 1978 and quickly established itself as one of the leading organizations in Saudi Arabia's retail sector. In 1994, Panda and Azizia Company merged to form Azizia Panda United. Later in 1998, Savola Group, a leading retailer specializing in food products, acquired the company and immediately transformed its business model, resulting in Panda holding the largest retail market share in Saudi Arabia.

By the year 2001, Panda had accomplished unprecedented financial growth and exceeded their target market capitalization with SAR 8 billion.

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Why join panda

Work-life balance is an incredibly important aspect of our efforts in maintaining a happy, healthy workforce that operates in an environment that is both inspirational and supportive.

Employee retention and loyalty are vital to our business and shared success. We, therefore, express our appreciation and respect for our people by offering them additional compensation for their hard work through overtime pay and other work-life balance benefits. In addition, our people have been recognized regularly for distinguished performance via annual performance bonuses and the bi-annual performance and career development reviews of our entire workforce.

Panda's Vision & Mission

Our culture

Culture driven by motivation, passion, and persistent determination. Panda’s success is dependent on the hard work and sacrifice of every employee – from headquarters to every store and distribution employee. We believe each one of them plays an important role working together to make Panda one of the biggest companies in Saudi Arabia today.

Our Community

One-team family
We aim to create a community of promising young people who reflect the core values of Panda. Every employee at Panda must have the highest level of ethics and good behavior whilst also holding great professional aspirations. This stems from our passion to provide a unique shopping experience and service for our valued customers.


Success Stories

Loyal team with a strong sense of belonging
At Panda, we believe in promoting and rewarding people from within the organization. We have countless success stories where this has occurred. The overriding reasons for this type of success are driven by motivation, passion, and persistent determination in a competitive work environment. This in turn, stimulates success and creativity to support our employees’ personal & professional development.


1. Ownership We believe passion is the fuel of excellence.
2. Customer Excellence We believe that a happy customer is the best way to succeed.
3. Teamwork We believe that everyone contributes to the worth of others.
4. Integrity We believe in succeeding with integrity.
5. Agility We believe in agility to lead change.

Our People

Working together, achieving together, and gaining together
Today, Panda has one of the largest workforces in the Middle East with over 18,000 employees working in our stores, distribution centers and offices. Our interview assessment form includes both technical competencies that are based on a technical skill matrix developed for each function as well as behavior competencies that reflect the desired behaviors in Panda’s business culture.

Available Jobs

Fleet Coordinator


    - Assure to follow delivery schedule and routing through assigning delivery through the system to achieve fleet KPIs and to maximum optimize Route Planning     - Assure that all deliveries including backloads deliveries to be recorded in system to get accurate data.     - Assure to optimize Fleet In-Transit trucks for the backload from Supplier to reduce the waiting time.     - Assure to follow Incentive Policy for all deliveries through the cost per KM and per region for all drivers to get best cost outcomes.     - Accountable to issue diesel vouchers according to the SOP and policy.     - Responsible to record trip distance in system and to reflect it with the Incentive Amount.     - Ensure all drivers are available for delivery as per the schedule to deliver orders on time.     - Responsible to obtain floor count for ready to load orders through receiving the report from Outbound team to get best truck and fleet utilization.     - Accountable to open and close all trips through system to keep high accurate records.     - Responsible to provide all related report on agreed schedule to line manager to get best visibility of operation.     - Accountable to report any issue to line manager of fleet management on time and assure to get respond back to avoid any risk to the business.     - Responsible to follow up with Drivers and Stores to assure shipment offloaded on time.     - Accountable to record Proof of Delivery POD in system while closing any trip.     - Accountable to rotate between drivers in regions to assure fairness.     - Adhering to the Company's safety instructions, maintaining company property, and working in a safe environment, and commit and implicating of the work mechanism.     Employee duties are not limited only to the above-mentioned Accountabilities; the employee may perform other duties as assigned.

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